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Is Premium Gas Worth The Extra Cost?

In mid October the CBC ran a story about premium gasoline and how, for most cars it was a waste of money ( They went so far as claiming that its use caused higher levels of pollution from the tailpipe than regular fuel. While I agree almost entirely with the statement that it is a […]

Are Electric Cars All They Are Cracked Up To Be?

Slowly, very slowly, electric cars are making their way into the market place and onto our roads. The other day I saw a Chevrolet Volt proudly displaying a bumper sticker that read “I burn electrons” and it made me pause to reflect about electric cars. For some time I’ve thought about electric powered cars and […]

Why You Should Fix Your Misfiring Engine Immediately

A misfiring engine is a very serious concern that demands immediate attention, unless of course you prefer to spend thousands of dollars on your car repairs. What is an engine misfire? It’s easiest to explain when you understand how an engine works. An internal combustion engine has several cylinders which continually fire in sequence creating […]

What Does Your Check Engine Light Mean

That orange lamp on your dash that either shows a picture of an engine or says “check engine” is often misunderstood so here is the check engine lamp demystified.   This light is there to indicate a malfunction with your vehicle’s engine management system. On any vehicle 1996 and newer it will illuminate for any […]

Reflecting on 30 Years of Auto Service

I recently serviced a vehicle for a man who has been my longest client with our relationship going back 30 years. I got to thinking about the car I serviced today, a 2011 VW Golf and the car he owned that I first serviced: a 1980 Plymouth Horizon. The Horizon, while it got from A […]

New GM Central Port Fuel Injection Unit

Finally a Newly Designed Central Port Fuel Injection Unit is Available This replacement part is for GM trucks that use this fuel injection system. And there are many trucks: millions of them, built from 1992 to 2002. This system was fraught with problems almost from day one and it’s surprising that it took so long […]

AirCare Repairs Make a Huge Difference

90% of our AirCare repairs produce these huge results. Some folks think that AirCare is a scam or at least a waste of time and I’m here to say that those thoughts could not be further from the truth. We fix several cars and trucks per month and from experience I can say that the […]

Prepare For Winter Driving

Winter driving help

With winter just around the corner now is the time to be certain that your vehicle is ready to tackle the cold, wet and possibly snowy weather ahead. Though modern cars (those built within the last couple of decades) are often in fine shape to tackle all seasons it is best to be 100% sure […]

The Changes are Profound: What a Difference 3 Decades Makes

Recently I worked on a gem of a 1978 Chevy camper van that a client had acquired with only 60,000 original kilometers. In many respects this vehicle was near new, at least it certainly ran like a new vehicle. When she mentioned a concern about how the engine revved excessively high when cold it got […]

Don't Disregard Your Check Engine Lamp

Check Engine Lamp

Do not underestimate the value of your check engine lamp even if your car runs perfectly well. Disregarding your check engine lamp can add great inconvenience to your life. Let’s face it, sometimes spending money on car repairs is not your first choice (or even your second or third choice). It’s often one of those […]

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