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Properly Functioning Glow Plugs Are Vital To Starting A Cold Diesel

Just what exactly is a glow plug and what does it do? A glow plug is a heater and is so named because it glows red hot when activated. Diesel engines are compression ignition engines and rely on hot air (under extreme pressure) to combust the fuel. A cold engine with cold air temperatures creates […]

How We Permanently Fix The Ford 6 Liter Diesel

The Ford 6 liter diesel engine is fraught with numerous problems however all of these can be overcome. In this video we will show you what we feel is the ultimate repair solution for the 6 Liter: repairs that will keep the engine performing reliably for years and years. Many of the 6 liters problems […]

Keeping Your TDI Reliable For The Long Haul

VW TDI diesel engines have been around for two decades in several evolutions: distributor type and common rail injection. They are fabulous engines and have always been state of the art, featuring quiet operation, lots of power and acceleration, and best of all their fuel economy allows a trip from Vancouver to Calgary on a […]

Valuable Maintenance For Your Ford 6.0 Liter Diesel

EGR valves cause many concerns on Ford 6L diesel engines: the most common one being that the valves stick due to excessive soot deposits. While there are few simple services that can be done on these complex engines, cleaning your EGR valve just happens to be one of those rare simple ones. The EGR valve […]

How to Prolong the Life of Your Diesel Fuel Injectors

Replacing modern injectors is very expensive, typically costing several hundred dollars per unit plus installation costs. What can I do to prolong the life of my injectors and avoid expensive repairs?

1. Keep up your maintenance: change engine oil and filter regularly and replace fuel filters regularly.

2. Add a lubricity additive to your fuel. These additives will restore the lubricants missing from modern ultra low sulfur diesel and prolong the life of your injectors. These additives will boost the cetane rating of your fuel and pay for themselves with improved fuel mileage and performance.

How to Save Money on Car Repairs

The best way to save money on car repairs is simple: It’s with routine maintenance. Routine maintenance means that at specific time intervals, based on how much you drive, you have your car serviced following a maintenance schedule. The very minimum schedule that should be followed is the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Following this schedule will […]

What We Do – A BNI Presentation

BNI Big Tsunami, Vancouver, BC

Good Morning, I’m Bernie from Pawlik Automotive. Pawlik Automotive is an auto service shop located in the Marpole area of Vancouver, BC. We’ve been in business since 1991 which makes us 20 years old this year. We service most makes of cars and light trucks and we do pretty much all the maintenance and repairs […]

Diesels are not Indestructable

Dodge Cummins Diesel melted piston

While Diesel engines are remarkably tough they are not indestructible and can be expensively damaged when abused. Take a look at these pistons from a Dodge Cummins Diesel. The vehicle owner had installed a performance chip in the computer and taking advantage of the extra horsepower hauled a trailer at high speed up the Coquihalla […]

Ford 6 Liter Diesel Cylinder Head Gaskets: The Right Way

F350 Head Gasket Repair

Serious repairs require serious action: take this 2005 Ford F350 Superduty diesel repair for example, where we recently replaced cylinder head gaskets. This is a huge job which was made a lot easier by removing the truck’s cab. While this may seem to be an extraordinarily complex amount of work, removing the cab to access […]

Studs For Ford Diesels

Ford 6Liter Diesel stud replacement

The Ford 6 litre Powerstroke diesel has a few chronic problems and one especially expensive concern is blown head gaskets. While most diesel engines have bullet proof reliability this is an embarrassing failure for Ford. The great news is that it can be repaired and repaired more or less permanently by using studs instead of […]

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