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1984 Volvo 244: still running strong

Those old Volvos are great. One of our best clients drives a 1984 Volvo 244. Yes it’s a plain car but certainly one that is well built. There are not many cars around that are still worth having at that age but this is certainly one of them. So what is it about this car?
1984 Volvo 244: still running strong
First off, the major components of the vehicle: the engine, transmission and rear differential are very durable. After 330,000 kilometers this vehicle still has these original components and they work great.

Second, this car is fairly simple: it’s most complex feature is electronic fuel injection.

Third, overall this was a very well built car.

And fourth, any part needed for the car is still readily available.

When you think of some of the cars built in the early 1980’s there was no love lost as they wore out and went to the crusher but others were pushed off to an early death by lack of parts.

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