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1994 Ford F250 7.3 Diesel – Maintenance Service

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Ford F250

1994 Ford F250 with 7.3 liter Turbo Diesel

Today’s post is a maintenance service performed on a beautiful, very low mileage 1994 Ford F250 equipped with a 7.3 liter diesel and brought to us by a client from Southlands, Vancouver.

This vehicle came to us with a subtle starting concern. After numerous engine starts, both hot and cold, we determined there was nothing wrong with the engine or fuel system. We assured the owner that there was reason to be concerned.

We then proceeded with a maintenance service which included changing engine oil and filter along with a fuel filter replacement. As we got into the service a few noteworthy concerns were found. This is the value of routine maintenance and inspections: potential problems are found early and rectified before they turn into expensive repairs.

The first issue found was an extremely dirty and sooted air filter. Replacement was simple but had this filter been left much longer it would have caused severe air flow restrictions and poor engine performance. Undoubtly it was already causing issues.

Ford F250

Extremely dirty air filter. A filter this dirty will restrict air flow to the engine,

The second finding took place during the fuel filter replacement. Mounted below the fuel filter is a water separator and inside we found many dirt and rust particles. Had any of these escaped past the fuel filter extremely expensive fuel injection repairs would have been needed.

Ford F250

Water separator which mounts at bottom of fuel filter. The numerous particles can be seen on the bottom.

Ford F250

This is what we drained from the fuel filter and water separator. Only clear diesel should be present.

With these services completed the Ford F250 was in good order, however we recommended that the owner return in 6 months to reinspect the water separator and fuel filter for further particles.

Another point of this story is to remind you that maintenance is not just a function of mileage: it is also a function of time. Vehicles suffer wear and tear even when used very little. A good maintenance schedule takes account of both time and distance.

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