January 24

2002 Saturn SC2 – Coolant Leak Repairs

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Friday’s featured post is coolant leak repairs on a 2002 Saturn SC2.

Coolant leak
2002 Saturn SC2

While there are many places for coolant to leak on a vehicle our featured Saturn had a somewhat unique leak and repair solution.

Our first step with any repair is to test and diagnose the concern. Our client’s complaint was that engine coolant was leaking and needed to be topped up. A pressure test is the best way to find most coolant leaks and during our test we found one leak coming from a cracked coolant pipe. The pipe was integral with the intake manifold, a molded plastic part prone to failure.

Seemingly there was only one repair solution: replace the intake manifold, a time consuming job that required an expensive part.

While searching for parts we found a far more economical option: a revised and redesigned coolant pipe. The pipe is made from metal so splitting will never occur again. The repair was still time consuming as it required removing the intake manifold and cutting off the old plastic pipe however the end cost of the job was at least $400 cheaper as the manifold did not require replacement.

These are the types of repair solutions that we look for everyday; and when it’s possible we save out clients a lot of money on their car and truck repairs.

For more information about the Saturn SC2 click here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturn_S-Series

For more about engine cooling systems check out this awesome video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7inC4lOpGs

Coolant leak
Intake manifold from Saturn SC2. Arrow points to coolant pipe. In order to install the revised part we cut off this broken plastic part and installed the new and improved metal pipe.
Coolant leak
The revised metal pipe.


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