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2002 Volvo S40 – MAP Sensor Replacement

Wednesday’s featured repair is MAP Sensor Replacement on a 2002 Volvo S40.

2002 Volvo S40

2002 Volvo S40

On the 2002 Volvo S40 the MAP sensor is one of several critical inputs to the engine computer. MAP stands for Manifold Absolute Pressure, and as the name implies it measures pressure and vacuum in the intake manifold.

Our Volvo came in with symptoms of intermittent engine stalling at idle. Diagnostic tests started with scanning and retrieving trouble codes from the engine computer. This vehicle had 8 stored codes ranging from MAF & MAP sensor faults to engine misfire and lean fuel mixture.

From this information our next step is to decide which of these various codes are most important to focus the diagnosis on. Based on our experience with these cars we tested the MAP sensor first and found it faulty.

After replacement we ran the engine for over an hour and no stalling occurred. With the old MAP sensor the engine stalled within 5 minutes.

The Volvo S40 features the same turbocharged 1.9 liter engine as the V40. These are both Volvo’s compact economy cars. They run well with lots of power and feature great fuel economy.

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2002 Volvo S40

MAP Sensor from 2002 Volvo S40

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