November 4

2003 Nissan 350Z Engine Replacement

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Hi there, Bernie from Pawlik Automotive again, going to talk to you this morning about an engine replacement on a 2003 Nissan 350Z. This vehicle came to our shop on the tow truck and it was pretty obvious once we had a look around the engine why it had been towed in. The engine had thrown a rod and poked a hole right through the side of the engine block, or actually blew a hole right through the side of the oil pan. So we replaced it with a used engine, it was really the best economical, the only economical option at this point in time. Pretty tricky to find an engine for this car because there’s not a lot of them around and they do tend to get abused a fair bit since they are kind of a racing type of car. But anyways, the replacement is pretty straight forward and once done the engine ran fabulously.

So a few things again, it really comes down to maintenance on these cars and with all cars we talk about, make sure you change your oil on a regular basis. I think the owner of this vehicle had actually done a little racing here or there, so that may of contributed to the demise of this engine, but if you’re not out there racing it around, just make sure you do your regular services, change the oil regularly. I can’t say enough about how much that improves the life of a vehicle or a lack of doing oil changes will shorten the life. So if you own a Nissan 350Z or any Nissan for that matter, we can do expert service on it, whether that’s engine replacement or just oil changes and maintenance to keep the vehicle alive longest. So I’m Bernie from Pawlik Automotive and we’re Vancouver’s best auto service experience.

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