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2006 Ford F350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel – M1 Maintenance Service

Today’s featured repair is M1 Maintenance Service performed on a 2006 Ford F350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel, brought to us by a client from Grandview/Woodlands, Vancouver.

Ford F350 Super Duty

2006 Ford F350 Super Duty

Like all vehicles the Ford F350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel requires regular maintenance services. At the heart of a good maintenance program is an M1 service. Our M1 service includes oil and filter change, inspecting all fluid levels and qualities, adjusting tire pressures and doing a basic under-hood and under-car inspection.

The Ford 6.0L diesel maintenance service is pricier than most American diesel trucks as it uses 15 liters of oil and an expensive canister oil filter. In spite of cost, regular service, every 8000 to 10000 kilometers is critical. The oil system on this engine is very complex featuring a low pressure system for regular lubrication and a high pressure system to enable the fuel injectors.

Numerous problem occur on these engines. If you own a 6.0L Ford diesel you will spend a fair amount of money on repairs. Some common failure items are: EGR coolers and EGR valves; engine oil coolers; cylinder head gaskets; fuel injectors and much more.

For more information on the Ford F350 Super Duty click here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Super_Duty

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Ford F350 Super Duty

Engine compartment of F350 Super Duty, featuring the 6.0 Liter Powerstroke Diesel

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