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2005 Honda CRV – M2 Maintenance Service

Our featured service for today is an M2 Maintenance on a 2005 Honda CRV.


Honda CRV

2005 Honda CRV

It is a well know fact that maintenance saves you money, lots of money. We see that lack of maintenance extra cost from metal on metal brakes which cost hundreds of dollars more for repair, to blown engines from lack of routine oil changes. Engine replacement can cost thousands of dollars.

At Pawlik Automotive our M2 maintenance service is really two services combined into one: A lube, oil and filter service plus a comprehensive inspection.

Our comprehensive inspection is a very detailed 150 point inspection. While mostly visual, it also includes: a cooling system pressure test; a battery, starter and charging system test; a brake inspection with measurements to brake pads and rotors; a thorough steering and suspension inspection; and an extended road test.

For the average vehicle owner this inspection should be performed annually.

Today’s inspection on the 2005 Honda CRV found very few concerns. The vehicle was in very good condition in spite of its 230,000 kilometer odometer reading. CRVs, like all Honda products are very well made and have few problems.

For more information on the Honda CRV click this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_CRV

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Honda CRV

Honda i-VTEC engine

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