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2006 Range Rover Sport – Power Window Repairs

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Our featured post is power window repairs on a 2006 Range Rover Sport Supercharged, brought to us by a client from Burnaby.

This 2006 Range Rover Sport arrived at our shop with a myriad of concerns ranging from air suspension system inoperation to worn suspension control arm bushings and front brakes, to name just a few. Another concern was that both front power windows didn’t operate. Our client had just purchased this vehicle for a low price due to the repairs needed and its neglected condition.

Our first step was diagnosis and from these tests we verified that there was no ground to the power window motors. All other circuits and components were good. Knowing this, our next step was to find the bad ground. This could have been a daunting task however through doing some online research we found that this was a common concern and the faulty ground was usually found in the wiring harness running along the floor near the passenger’s seat.

Armed with this useful information we removed the passenger seat and compartment trims. We pulled up the carpet and found a lake on the floor and a drenched wiring harness. Untaping the wiring harness we found the cause of the concern. The ground connection had disintegrated. We soldered the wires together and retaped them. Next step was to dry out the water, the carpet and especially the wiring harness.

Range Rover Sport
Three wires for the front power window ground that we found broken apart. It is difficult to see how they were connected in the first place. As this fault is common they likely used a very poor connector that is prone to disintegration because we found no evidence of it. Our repair is permanent: we soldered all wires together.

Water doesn’t just get into a vehicle on its own so along with the wiring repairs we sought out the cause of the water leak and found it coming from the sunroof. The drains were plugged, a common problem on this and many other vehicles. After cleaning the drains we verified that all water flowed down the drain hoses and no further water leaked into the vehicle.

Final steps were to reassemble all removed components and doing a final retest: all the windows worked as they should. While this was quite an involved job it was relatively inexpensive compared to what could go wrong with the power windows. Thanks to the common occurrence of this concern and readily available information it kept the diagnosis to a minimum.

For more about the Range Rover Sport click here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Range_Rover_Sport

Range Rover Sport
The passenger side wiring harness untaped. This is a massive harness and only one of many. This is the kind of wiring complexity that you find in a sophisticated luxury all wheel drive vehicle.

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