April 9

2008 Honda Fit – B1 Service

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Tuesday’s feature is a B1 Service performed on a 2008 Honda Fit and brought to us by a client from Point Grey, Vancouver.

Honda Fit
2008 Honda Fit

Our 2008 Honda Fit is equipped with an electronic maintenance reminder. This system is used across the Honda vehicle line up.

The B1 service that this car required consists of an engine oil change along with a comprehensive inspection.

While I’m often skeptical of electronic oil change reminders, and believe that many stretch out oil change intervals to excessive time frames, it seems that Honda is spot on in their calculations. Every Honda that we’ve serviced when the reminder lamp comes on has oil that seems just dirty enough to change, but not so dirty that it’s badly contaminated.

This 2008 Honda Fit still had under 90,000 kilometers and was in great shape with one exception: the manual transmission had a noisy bearing. Over the years we have found many Honda’s with prematurely worn out transmission mainshaft bearings. This is the first Fit that we’ve seen with this concern.

Overall the Honda Fit is a great car if you are looking for a reliable, economical car. We have found maintenance costs are very low and this is the first Fit of the many that we work on that has had any problem. When the transmission concern is fixed, this Fit will undoubtedly give the owner many years of trouble free service.

Long before electronic service reminders became popular Honda used a mechanical reminder going back into the 1970s. These devices were easily reset by pushing in a little button on the dash.

For more about the Honda Fit click on this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_Fit

For more about electronic maintenance reminders click here http://motorist.org/articles/auto-service-reminder-light

Honda Fit
Engine compartment of 2008 Honda Fit with manual transmission

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