October 8

2008 Toyota Yaris- Comprehensive Inspection

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Monday’s featured repair is a Comprehensive Inspection and Maintenance Service performed on a 2008 Toyota Yaris.

2008 Toyota Yaris
2008 Toyota Yaris

The car arrived with no concerns but had only received Level 1 maintenance services (oil changes) for the last 2 services and was due for a thorough examination.

As is typical of 70,000 kilometer Japanese car very little was needed for repairs on this car. We did however find the tires were worn out and the battery had a weak state of health.

While the Yaris is a fairly plain car it is extremely reliable. We have worked on many that run perfectly and don’t leak any fluids with well over 200,000 kilometers of driving.

We recommend a comprehensive inspection annually. It is always important to know the overall condition of your vehicle and to find any concerns before they become expensive repairs or safety hazards.

For more about the Toyota Yaris view this link  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Yaris

For a reliability report on the Yaris view this link http://goo.gl/sUtLaU

Comprehensive Inspection Form
Pawlik Automotive Comprehensive Inspection Form. The photo shows the center 2 pages of the 4 page inspection form.

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