October 9

2009 Ford F350 Super Duty – Maintenance Service

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Today’s feature is maintenance service performed on a 2009 Ford F350 Super Duty Harley Davidson Model, brought to us by a client from Dunbar, Vancouver.

Ford F350
2009 Ford F350 Super Duty Harley Davidson Edition

Most of our blog posts highlight interesting repairs that we encounter: regular wear out and breakdown items with a few catastrophic failures throw in. While car service is never a sexy subject it is most intriguing when it involves terrible noises or exploded parts. It’s like the news where the larger the disaster the more we are captivated by it.

This feature is the exact opposite: nothing major happened, it’s just a plain old boring maintenance service. The engine oil and filter were changed. The brakes were inspected (and they were in great condition). The tires were rotated and a maintenance inspection was performed. The wiper blades were streaky and replaced and a brake light bulb was burned out; also replaced.

The great thing about this service however is that it represents what keeps your car or truck reliable. Our goal as a maintenance minded shop is to prevent surprises and save you money. We want you to have routine service done because during routine service we will discover any potential concerns and fix them before something breaks roadside and lets you down. It’s hardly thrilling but I think it’s the kind of excitement that most people would rather live without.

Our featured truck, the F350 Super Duty Harley Davidson Edition with 6.4 Liter Diesel is a gorgeous truck. It’s nice to drive, the interior is luxurious and the diesel engine is quiet. Though not perfect the Ford 6.4 Liter diesel is not fraught with the problems of its predecessor the 6.0 Liter.

For more about the Ford F350 Super Duty click on this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Super_Duty

For more about the maintenance services that we offer at Pawlik Automotive click this link https://pawlikautomotive.com/services/

Ford F350
Engine compartment of F350 Super Duty featuring 6.4 Liter Power Stroke Diesel

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