December 19

2010 GMC W4500 – Fuel Filter Replacement

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Our latest featured post comes as part of an annual maintenance service on a 2010 GMC W4500 medium truck.

Fuel filter replacement is part of our annual maintenance service on the GMC W4500. Although this truck was only driven a few thousand kilometers since our service last year we found some interesting particles in the fuel filter: particles and debris which could have easily created serious driveability problems at any moment.

While fuel filter replacement on gasoline engines has become an obsolete service for most vehicle built in the last 10 to 15 years it is still very much needed on diesel engines.

Diesel fuel can be unstable and breakdown creating particulates and sludge. Because of this, fuel filters should be replaced on an annual basis in most diesel powered vehicles.

The GMC W4500 Forward is a great truck but it’s a GMC by badging only: the truck is made by Isuzu. Since the late 1980’s these medium trucks have been roaming our streets. They are very well built trucks that last a long time, are highly reliable, relatively inexpensive to service and, due to their flip cab design, are easy to work on.

GM & Isuzu’s relationship ended a couple of years back and these trucks are now only available through Isuzu.

For more information on the GMC W series trucks click here

For more information on diesel fuel problems click here

GMC W4500
Fuel filter from our GMC W4500 diesel. Note the black sludge & particles on the filter and in the strainer

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