January 12

Air Conditioning is for Winter Too!

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Most people only think of Air conditioning as a way to stay cool on a hot summer day.

Did you know that a properly functioning A/C system is important in the winter too?

car air conditioning in winter - defogging windows
Yes it is, and the reason is that air conditioning dries the air inside your vehicle and this helps to defog your windows very quickly.

You may own a vehicle where the A/C is switched on separately, and if so, you can do an experiment. With the A/C off try defogging your windshield: it may take a minute or two.

The next time that you have a fogged windshield switch on the A/C: provided that it is working your windshield will defog in seconds. The time taken of course will vary with the severity of the moisture in the car but for the most part the results are profound.

Get to know how your car’s system works: on many vehicles the a/c is switched on automatically when you set the control to defog.

So there you have a reason to keep a properly functioning air conditioning system throughout the year: It’s for your safety!

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