AirCare Quality Repair Award Winner- Pawlik Automotive Repair, Vancouver BC

AirCare Quality Repair Award Winner

AirCare Award certificate

I am pleased to announce that our shop has won an AirCare Quality Repair Award. Very few technicians receive these awards and I am honoured to have met the criteria. To win this award a technician must perform a set number of repairs per year and have a passing average of 95%.

Our shop average over the past 12 months is 100%!

When you bring your vehicle to Pawlik Automotive you can count on receiving the finest AirCare repairs and service in Vancouver with a commitment to fixing your car properly: doing so not only keeps your vehicle running at its best, but also keeps our air clean.

AirCare Quality Repair Award Winner

Bernie Pawlik's AirCare Quality Repair Award, received July 4, 2011

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