August 13

Canadian Only Car Models Can Cause Grief

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When buying a used car take a few minutes to make sure that the model of car that you are looking at is not a Canadian only car. Just exactly what is wrong with a Canadian only car?

Well nothing, …and several things!

Here are a few examples of reasons that you might be wary of owning a Canadian only model: hard to find parts; very hard to find repair information; parts available only from the dealer.

Hard to find parts may delay repairing your car, lack of repair information makes it difficult to accurately diagnose and repair the car and can add costs for service. Finally, dealer only parts mean a lack of choice often resulting in higher repair costs and delays in getting parts. If you are unsure about the car model that you are looking at, call us or a trusted auto service shop and ask about that car. Knowing the difference can make your car owning experience better.

By the way there is no lack of quality in the Canadian only cars. In the North American automotive business most of our parts suppliers and repair information providers are American companies and cater to the huge number of cars sold in the US. Canadian only cars are such a small segment of the market that they get left out of the mainstream.

If you really love a car by all means buy it, but I can’t think of many “Canadian only” cars are that so fabulous that they are worth the grief that you may encounter by owning one.

Canadian Only Car Models Can Cause Grief
1993 BMW 320i: an example of a Canadian only model. A 325i would be a much better choice as it was sold in the US as well.

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