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Chrysler products under the names of Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth and Jeep have a varied line up of cars and trucks. Their reliability is mixed: over the years they’ve made some very solid models and some real duds.

From decades back their slant 6 engine had the reputation of bullet proof, and it is, for we still see the odd Dodge Dart with original engine still running fine. You can’t beat a car that’s 40 years old and still running well!

Moving into modern times some of their vehicles are less than stellar, with chronic transmission problems and expensive to repair engines that are easily destroyed by poor maintenance. It seems that Chrysler has put a lot of money into vehicle styling and showroom appeal and less into mechanical reliability.


An example for me is the Sebring. This vehicle, while looking very impressive inside and out often features the 2.7 Liter V6 engine which has the water pump located internally and driven by the timing chain: when it fails it costs about $1300 to repair (for most cars a water pump costs half of this or less). Transmission failures are not uncommon costing in the $3000 range and to cap it off some models feature dash lights that cost $1200 or more to fix due to a special (and very attractive looking) phosphorescent display. All totaled, these repairs can become enormously expensive and all for a car that is really just an average 4 door sedan.

There are many reliable Chrysler products out there but it is wise to take the time to look at which models and which specific engines are most reliable before buying one.

A case in point is the Dodge Caravan or Plymouth Voyager. Although the 3 liter engine is no longer available, when it was, it was a poor choice when compared to the almost trouble free 3.3 liter or 3.8 liter options. Just knowing which engine option to buy could make your experience of owning one of these vehicles a pleasure or a financial stress. As with so many things in life knowledge is empowering and we are always happy to give expert advise based on our many years of experience in the auto service business.


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