Isuzu vehicles have never sold in large numbers in Canada and those that have, have been almost exclusively trucks such as the Trooper SUV.
This is a great vehicle and generally well built, rugged and reliable. Overall Isuzu is not the best vehicle to own for reasons of its limited sales and the fact that the alliance between GM and Isuzu has ended making parts very difficult to obtain.

A few examples that we have seen 1) the closing of our close-by dealer: Lansdowne Saturn, Saab, Isuzu and 2) the impossibility of finding camshaft gears for a 2000 trooper 3.5 litre engine. The nearest dealer to Vancouver is now in Langley and the Trooper engine parts cannot be found from any aftermarket or dealer source.
Isuzu V6 Engine
Overall I’d stay away from an Isuzu for the lack of dealer support and the fact that they are no longer sold in North America, which is unfortunate as they are quite well built. As for Isuzu cars, they were never sold in Canada and are even harder to get parts for.