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Introduced in 1989 Lexus is the luxury vehicle arm of Toyota.

Lexus automobiles feature the excellent engineering and reliability of Toyota vehicles taken up a big notch... to compete with the European luxury cars.

The first Lexus model was the LS400 sedan, a completely unique vehicle from other Toyota models. The LS400 from the start was one of the best quality manufactured vehicles ever built - the pinnacle of the Toyota Quality Management system.

They built a highly automated manufacturing plant, recruited the best workers from all Toyota plants, had amazing molding precision that was the best ever, all with body panel fit precision and paint quality standards that were top of the heap.

One thing that is still noticeable with Lexus vehicles is the fit and finish which is comparable to that of European luxury vehicles. The way the doors close is equally comparable (very solid). As time has passed Lexus has created a variety of vehicles, some unique to Lexus and others that are simply dressed up Toyota models.

Lexus LS 400

All Lexus vehicles are built in Japan except the RX330 which is built in Ontario. For years Lexus cars have scored among the highest customer satisfaction ratings from the consumer satisfaction rating agency, JD Powers.

As far as concerns with these vehicles, there are few.

However, a major issue is that some engines experience sludge buildup which can cause premature engine failure. Oil sludging normally occurs on many engines and Toyota vehicles (Lexus included) seem to be particularly prone to it. It is essential that you change your oil regularly to prevent this from occurring.

Of course if you are buying a used Lexus you really don’t know how well the vehicle was maintained. Reviewing maintenance records is critical and might confirm whether proper maintenance was done.

Lexus RX330
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