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Over the years Mazda has built some great cars.

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From the basic econobox 323 models up to the luxurious Millenia and 929 along with the sporty RX series featuring the unique rotary engine.

They also feature small sport utility vehicles like the Tribute and a popular line of small pick up trucks. Mazda and Ford have had a close alliance for decades, especially with their truck lines: it is often hard to tell which is which for a specific model when one looks under the hood.

We have worked on numerous of these cars and found that reliability is generally good.

For example the Mazda 3 is an outstanding car with very few problems.

Mazda 3

The Rotary engine vehicles have had a mixed past: while generally good, the engines have suffered from high oil consumption and, due to their unique design, are difficult to repair. They have been the only car manufacturer to use this engine design and because of that, expertise in the repair field is limited.

Many Mazda engines use timing belts and these require replacement between 100,000 and 170,000 kilometers depending on the model and the model year.

Mazda vehicles don’t hold their value like Toyota and Honda often making them an excellent, well priced used car. Call us if you have some repair or service concerns:

You can also check out the detailed information at 2CarPros website.

Mazda RX 8

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