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Ford 6 Liter Diesel Cylinder Head Gaskets: The Right Way

F350 Head Gasket Repair

Serious repairs require serious action: take this 2005 Ford F350 Superduty diesel repair for example, where we recently replaced cylinder head gaskets. This is a huge job which was made a lot easier by removing the truck’s cab.

While this may seem to be an extraordinarily complex amount of work, removing the cab to access the engine is well worth the effort. Having done it with both cab on and cab off I can say that this is the only way to go: the several hours to remove the cab make the engine repair so enjoyable. Without the cab confining the engine, we can stand right beside it with nothing in the way to interfere with the work at hand.

For this particular repair our client wisely opted to replace the head bolts with studs: a repair that is sure to last as studs provide a superior clamping force to bolts. Doing the head gasket with studs requires cab removal.

With the engine repairs completed, the cab was lowered back into place and all systems were reconnected to the engine and chassis in much the same way as happens on the assembly line.

While some businesses like to advertise “no job too small” you can see that for us, no job is too big!

Ford 6 Liter Diesel Cylinder Head Gaskets: The Right Way

Ford F350 Superduty with Cab off exposing the 6.0 Liter engine

A Great Testimonial

Pawlik Testimonial from Gaston Morrison, Hard Knox Stunts

Here are some words from a very happy client.
2003 Dodge 3500
“The biggest thanks to Bernie, John and the Pawlik team!

I have found it very hard to find a competent and integral mechanical shop that I can truly trust, Pawlik meets and exceeds those expectations.
Pawlik Testimonial from Gaston Morrison, Hard Knox Stunts
After having purchased my top model 2003 Dodge 3500 Diesel truck new from a Dodge dealer in Richmond, I figured taking the truck back to the dealer for service was the way to go. Considering I just gave these people almost $60,000 for a vehicle, who better to look after my needs. After the first year of service they changed their attitude and decided not only can I not have a courtesy vehicle while my truck is being serviced, but they would not even give me a shuttle ride 15 mins away while the truck was in their shop. For me this was a huge issue. If I have to waste my day sitting in a waiting room for my truck service, that means my business is not being dealt with and I’m burning time and money on both ends, completely unacceptable!

So I started trying some of their other so called “5 star service” dealerships. I found the service to be inconsiderate, poor, and incomplete at the very best. I had issues and attitudes every time I took it to one of these “5 Star” dealerships. I even wrote a couple complaint letters to Daimler Chrysler, the response was basically that each dealership is their own boss, thanks for coming out. I was at the point of wanting to sell my truck because I was so disappointed with the service. To this day I don’t think I will buy another Dodge because of this horrible service.

Then I saw the Pawlik signs, and decided to give them a try. Not only did they diagnose the high idle problem that the dealers could not figure out after multiple visits and diagnostic expenses to me, but they estimated the repairs prior and fixed them on time and as per the estimate. So I had a couple other issue that had been happening that the dealers and every other shop just shook their heads at, and Bernie and the crew estimated and fixed all the troubles. Bernie even gave me his personal vehicle as a courtesy vehicle because the couple they had were out already. This was above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you.

The last thing that puts Pawlik on my “Best Mechanical shop ever” list is the integrity factor. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, it’s the human factor. The main thing that gets Pawlik the golden star status is the fact that they can admit to a mistake and fix the issue. When we had a minor issue occur, that was not directly at anyone’s fault, but just an unfortunate circumstance, they stepped up to the plate and made sure that all my needs, concerns, and damages were fully rectified and repaired at no expense to me.

In my 24 years of owning, driving and wrenching on vehicles, Pawlik is truly head and shoulders above any shop that I have dealt with. If you want a shop that you can trust on all levels, you must go to Pawlik.


Gaston Morrison
Hard Knox Stunts

“Check out Gaston’s website if you’re into world class motorcycle stunts and more! Wow!!”
A Great Testimonial

A Paradox: A Complicated Simple Repair

Corroded Fuse contacts

Part of what makes our job fun as auto service technicians is that we never know what we will encounter from day to day.

Case in point: a new client came in with 2003 Ford F150 pickup with the concern that his A/C (air conditioning) was inoperative. John went straight to work on the diagnosis and determined that the electrical side of the system was not functioning. Fuses were tested and all were good, but still there was no power at the A/C control panel on the dash.

With perseverance he finally found a most unusual cause of the concern: the contacts between the fuse and the fuse box had corrosion, blocking flow of the electricity. The corrosion was on the load side of the fuse which made it appear that the concern was elsewhere. After cleaning the corrosion in the fuse box and installing a new fuse, the A/C functioned perfectly.

Corroded Fuse contacts

Corroded but not blown!

Finding an Electrical Short

Bare Wire that was Shorting

Finding the cause of a fuse that blows constantly can be a time consuming task, one involving a skilled technician and a methodical approach.

Today we serviced a rare 1994 Chevrolet Van equipped with a 6.5 litre Diesel.

Our client¹s concern was that his gauges stopped working along with the glow plug lamp on the dash. He replaced the gauge fuse only to have it blow again within seconds. When a fuse blows like this it is doing its job by protecting the circuit, preventing damage to electrical components and ultimately your vehicle which could catch fire from burning wires.

John started his diagnosis by printing out a wiring diagram of the circuit. Armed with this information he could see which components were involved.

This circuit covers a number of items: the gauges on the instrument panel, part of the glow plug controller and 2 EGR valve solenoids.

Wiring extends from the fuse box to the instrument panel, to the front of the engine compartment and to the engine itself. This leaves many places to inspect: where to start first? Wisely, and based upon years of experience John chose to start with the engine area. The EGR solenoids & glow plug timer were disconnected but still the fuse popped.

Worn Wire Loom or Harness

Worn Wire Loom or Harness

To keep our story short, the cause was found to be a very small wire from the main engine wiring harness which was rubbing against the right rear corner of the engine block. John noted that the protective wiring covering was slightly damaged: looking inside revealed the chaffed wire. That’s what it takes to find a short: knowledge of the circuit, a methodical inspection, and a skilled technician with a keen eye.
Bare Wire that was Shorting

Bare Wire was Shorting

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