Pawlik Automotive, #30, 966 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC

Pawlik Automotive

(604) 327-7112

#30, 966 SW Marine Dr

Vancouver, BC  V6P 5Z2​

Service Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm

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Planning a business trip?

What better time to have your vehicle maintained than when you don't need it! We are located 5 minutes from the airport. Drop off your vehicle and let us drive you to the airport. Find out more information... (604) 327-7112

Call today to set up a Comprehensive Inspection. We'd love to help you enjoy the benefits of a well maintained vehicle.

We have so many awards... there isn't room for them all! 17 Time winners of "Best Auto Repair in Vancouver" as voted by our customers! 

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Bernie Pawlik

Owner/ Mechanic

A Master Mechanic, Bernie has owned and operated Pawlik Automotive Repair for over 20 years in Vancouver, BC.

#30 - 966 SW Marine Drive Vancouver, BC V6P 5Z2 Canada

Contact them at: (604) 327-7112

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