Dodge and GMC Diesels

Diesel engines are highly reliable and require minimal service.

However, several items are critical and need service performed at regular intervals. Diesel engines are very expensive to repair so proper care and maintenance definitely saves you lots of money. Plus you will maximize your diesel’s power, performance and economy!

• Engine oil & filter replacements vary from 5,000 to 25,000 kilometers depending on engine type and manufacturer’s recommendations.

• Fuel filter replacements are best done annually or at manufacturer’s recommended interval. Diesel fuel systems are absolutely intolerant of water or other contaminants so keeping filters clean is vital.

• Cooling system performance is absolutely essential to long engine life. Because diesel engines have very high combustion temperatures, any overheating can immediately cause expensive engine damage.

Regular cooling system flushes along with monitoring your cooling system for leaks is vital. Monitoring coolant level can be done at every maintenance service and if levels are low, a pressure test and diagnosis should be conducted to find the cause of the low coolant level. With diesel engines, maintaining proper coolant PH is critical to avoid scale formation inside the engine which could create localized hot spots and engine overheating. Coolant flushes should be performed every 2 to 5 years depending on the type of coolant used and manufacturers recommendations.

• Glow Plugs assist your diesel engine to start when cold and also cycle on & off during warm up to reduce sooty exhaust. While there is generally no recommended replacement interval they do wear out and if your engine is hard to start when cold they may require replacement.

• Air filter replacement is done on an as needed basis although most manufacturers have a replacement interval. Depending on driving conditions such as dusty roads this interval can change. Visually inspecting the filter every year is best to determine its condition.

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