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Dirty Throttle Plates: a Sure Sign of Poor Maintenance

Dirty Throttle plate

Severely carbon deposited throttle plates can have a huge affect on engine performance.

Quite often, however, the concern is not noted until the vehicle starts stalling, your check engine lamp comes on or a general lack of power is noted. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve had 2 vehicles in for service that had excessively carbon deposited throttle plates.

Dirty Throttle plateCleaned throttle plate

Both of these vehicles were so severely encrusted that it was best to remove the throttle bodies to clean them. Regular maintenance is key to removing the deposits.

One service that we frequently perform is the Motorvac fuel injection cleaning. During this service your throttle plate is cleaned. A Motorvac fuel injection cleaning is recommended every 50,000 kilometers or 3 years. For those who follow this recommendation the severely encrusted throttle plate and all of its related problems will never occur.

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