Your transmission is full of gears, valves, clutches and bands, all operated and lubricated by fluid passing through very narrow passagesways. Over time all of these moving parts wear slightly and all components, including the transmission’s fluid are subject to intense heat and pressure.

As the automatic transmission fluid ages it carries dirt and minute particles throughout these vital components. It also deposits varnish & sludge. Most transmission failures occur from fluid contamination or overheating and repairs can run into the thousands.

Fluid flushing and filter replacement (if equipped) is a relatively inexpensive way to ward off these problems. While engine oil is drained by simply removing a plug, most automatic transmission fluid stays inside the transmission when the fluid is simply drained (either through a drain plug or by transmission pan removal). During our transmission service we first drain the transmission and always remove the pan. Inside the pan particles accumulate at the bottom and on magnets (installed to trap metal fillings). It is vital, for a thorough service, to clean out the pan.

The filter (if equipped) is then replaced. To complete the service we use our Transtech fluid flush machine which removes 100% of the old, dirty fluid and replaces it with new high quality fluid.

Recommended frequency: Every 48,000km or 30 months (whichever comes first), service may be recommended sooner if fluid is discoloured.

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