A critical component in your vehicle’s braking system is the brake fluid. It transfers the movement from your brake pedal (which connects directly to the master cylinder) down to the calipers and wheel cylinders located at your wheels and these in turn actuate your brake shoes and/or brake pads to stop the car.

Brake fluid attracts and absorbs water; in extreme circumstances that water can boil from the heat buildup that occurs during heavy brake use, leading to loss of vehicle braking. More commonly, excessive moisture will cause corrosion and early failure of calipers, master cylinder, wheel cylinders and ABS components.

Repairs to ABS components can run into the thousands of dollars.

Regular brake fluid flushes help prevent these problems from occurring. Our brake flush is done with a pressure bleeder that thoroughly removes most of your brake fluid and replaces it with new, clean fluid ensuring maximum brake component life and your safety. Vehicles equipped with hydraulic clutches also use brake fluid and benefit from having the fluid flushed at the same time as the braking system.

Recommended Frequency: Every 24 months regardless of mileage.

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