Your car’s engine generates a great amount of heat as it runs. Without some way to keep the temperature at a safe level your engine will be quickly destroyed.

This is the function of the cooling system. The cooling system consists of a pump, radiator, heater core, numerous hoses and passageways throughout the inside of the engine. A fluid, the engine coolant, which is a mixture of antifreeze and water is pumped through these components. While the main purpose of antifreeze is to prevent the coolant from freezing it also reduces engine boil-over in hot temperatures and prevents corrosion inside the cooling system.

Over time engine coolant becomes contaminated and acidic. When this happens it begins to attack your expensive cooling system components and the insides of your engine. Premature radiator, heater core, hose and engine gasket failures can occur. Regular cooling system flushes go a long way to give these components long life.

During our cooling system flush we drain all of your engine’s coolant and send it off for proper recycling. We then thoroughly flush out all components including the often neglected overflow bottle. To complete the service your system is refilled with the proper antifreeze and the engine is warmed up until all air is removed from the cooling system.

Recommended Frequency: Interval varies depending on make of vehicle, vehicle age and type of antifreeze used: generally every 24 months to 60 months.

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