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How Much To Fix An Electrical Short In My Car?

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This is a frequently asked question that applies to electrical shorts as well as a myriad of other automotive concerns. While many people want to know “how much” before they commit to a repair, it varies from difficult to impossible to give an accurate estimate until a thorough inspection is done.

Electrical shorts are a special case as it is impossible to know where the problem may reside until it is found. The procedure involves starting at one end of the circuit and moving to the other; somewhere along the way the cause will be found.

How Much To Fix An Electrical Short In My Car?
A blown fuse; often caused by a short circuit

Another question that we are frequently asked is “how much to do front brakes?” While brake prices are more predictable than an electrical short, there are still many variables. Is it just the pads that are worn out, or are the rotors also worn, and are the calipers sticking or seized? The best way to address this and all other automotive concerns is by inspection where components can be specifically examined and their condition determined.

The best way to have your car repairs estimated is to be on a regular maintenance program where a comprehensive inspection is part of the service. With this service a shop can inform you of all the good and all the worn items and how long they will last. From here you can get an estimate of costs and when the services are required.

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