June 27

How to Check Your Engine Oil

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How to check your engine oil. Step one is to open the hood of your vehicle. Pull the hood release open the second release under the hood and be sure to prop your hood up safely. We are showing you how to check your oil on a vehicle that has a dipstick, not all vehicles have them. So this video applies only to vehicles with dipsticks.

What you do is you take a rag, pull out the dipstick, wipe it off and then reinserted all the way in, pull it back out and then inspect the engine oil level. You should see oil right up to the area that's marked safe. Now some don't say safe, they'll have a high and low mark. The oil needs to be in between those two marks.

If it's too low, you need to add oil. To find the oil filler cap on this vehicle, it actually says what kind of oil goes in it. If you're not sure consult your owner's manual, it's important to use the right oil. If the level is low, add one litre to time and recheck do not assume there's no oil on the stick so the engine's out of oil.

Every time you fill your gas tank up, you should check your engine oil. You never know when a leak will develop or the engine's burning oil.

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