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Turn Signal Switch Repairs With A Surpising Twist.

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OK, I’m being a bit facetious but every once in a while I get surprised when repairing a car.

Today I had a 2001 Subaru H6 Outback with an interesting turn signal concern: when the signals cancelled to the center (off) position there was a very fast ticking sound coming from the signal flasher. Clearly there was a defect in the turn signal switch causing a slight amount of current flow to the flasher unit.

Removing and inspecting the switch was the next step and here’s where the miracle was found. The switch not only removed easily and separately from the rest of the switches on the steering column but it was also possible to dismantle it. Upon dismantling I found excessive carbon sticking to the grease inside the switch. This carbon allowed a slight amount of current to continue flowing through the switch. Cleaning the carbon and old grease, regreasing the contacts and reassembling the switch was all it took to restore proper operation.

Turn Signal Switch Repairs With A Surpising Twist.
Inside the switch, note the dark carbon deposit, this was causing current flow to flasher unit. After cleaning the black was all gone

This is where we differ from many shops in that we will take the time, when possible, to dismantle and repair a part as opposed to just changing the part. It was a miracle that this part could be serviced this way as most units are sealed and can’t be repaired.

It’s also a shame, because in many cases we can save our clients lots of money with repairs.

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