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Jaguars Can Make Great Used Cars

Jaguar XK convertible

Jaguars are great cars, legendary for luxury and performance. Past Jags had a reputation for always being in the shop and reliability was poor.

That has changed: reliability is great, and as used cars they can offer fantastic value due to their rather precipitous depreciation. While many repairs are average in cost, be warned that some repairs can be frighteningly expensive due to complex engineering and expensive parts.

We recently serviced a 2001 Jaguar XKR which required a throttle assembly replacement: the part new was over 3000 dollars; used parts were very expensive as was custom rebuilding. While this part is but a mere fraction of the cost of a new Jag it is certainly important to know that one day, if you own one of these cars you may be faced with very costly repairs. You do however get the benefit of driving one of the finest vehicles on the road.

This by the way is not exclusive to Jaguar as many European import cars feature these expensive parts and sophisticated electronics.

Jaguar XK convertible

A beautiful 2006 Jaguar XK Convertible

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