November 2

Pawlik Automotive Expanding Automotive Technician Opportunity

Auto Repair


Mark: Top Local Lead Generation and we’re here with Mr. Bernie Pawlik of Pawlik Automotive - award winning “Best in Vancouver” for auto repair - 15 times running as voted by their customers. How’re you doing today Bernie?

Bernie: Excellent.

Mark: So, Pawlik Automotive is expanding and you need some new technicians. What are the benefits of working at Pawlik Automotive?

Bernie: Well, thank you for asking. We are looking for two technicians starting for November 30th. Some of the benefits, well we’re a well equipped shop, we’ve got 5 bays - we’ve just expanded to 5 bays, we’ve got 5 new hoists, we’ve got up-to-dat scan tools, a variety of good equipment to make the job easy and efficient.

We have an awesome clientele at Pawlik Automotive, happy people, positive attitude, some of our clients have been with us 20 years or more and we keep getting a steady stream of new customers as well. These people are awesome because they like having their vehicles fixed properly which is great.

We work on a variety of cars from light trucks to Porsche’s, Fords, Japanese cars, European. We do a variety of work from oils changes to inspections to electronic diagnosis. There is always something to challenge you and keep life interesting. It’s not the same old same old everyday.

We’re a regular hour shop, we’re open Monday to Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm. Never open on weekends. One thing that I love about what we’ve created here is a positive work environment, with a focus on team work. Your voice and contribution are very valued and encouraged. We really like team work here and I’m really about creating an awesome work space.

We also offer benefits - medical, dental and long term disability. This is a salaried position, we have performance bonuses. So performance is important at Pawlik Automotive.

A couple of other things on the side - we have great repair information to make your job as a tech easy, we’ve got Mitchell, All data, Identifix and a variety of tools. Whatever we need to get the job done and work as a team.

So as I’ve already said, we’re looking for two new techs; 3rd year apprenticeship minimum or Red Seal and we’re starting November 30th. So put your resumes in. You can email it directly to me - or you can phone me at 604-327-7112 and we can discuss the positions.

Mark: Great, so that’s Mr. Bernie Pawlik at Pawlik Automotive looking for - if you have your 3rd year apprenticeship in automotive repair or are a red seal person with that ticket then this is the place to call 604-327-7112 or send Bernie an email Check out their site
Thanks Bernie

Bernie: Thank you

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