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Pawlik Automotive – Honest Auto Repair – Testimonial

Bernie has been working on my cars for seven or eight years now. The thing that’s really great about Bernie is something we did just recently, we went on vacation in January and I knew that my general maintenance was coming up. When we were getting ready to go I called Bernie and I say “Hey, can I leave the car with you while we’re away for the week?” Bernie’s only about five minutes away from the airport and so he said, “Yeah, bring it by.” We dropped it off and went straight to our flight. You know we were on the beach for a week, drinks, sunburn, come back, everything’s done.

Every single one of Bernie’s guys are really engaging, they’re super nice. They’ll explain things to you so that you understand. I’m not a car guy, they just tell me what I need to know and they tell me in a way that I understand. They’re just the nicest, most personal guys. I love going by Bernie’s, they’re just a super friendly group of people.

Pawlik Automotive Customer

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