March 28

Pawlik Automotive Level 1 Maintenance Service

Car Maintenance


Hi, I’m Bernie Pawlik, I’m the owner of Pawlik Automotive, I’m talking about our level one maintenance service. This is our basic maintenance service. It’s an engine oil and filter change, along with a thorough maintenance inspection.

So what we include with this service is of course, changing your engine oil and filter, we use high quality motor oil applicable to your vehicle, regular oil or synthetic depending on what the vehicle requires or what you would like to have done, we also change the oil filter with a very high quality filter. We will inspect the air filter on most vehicles as long as it’s straight forward and simple. Some vehicles involves a lot of dismantling and we won’t include that but we do for any other vehicle that’s straight forward, so that’s most vehicles. We also include an inspection which I’ll go ver in a couple of minutes but basically we look under your hood, we look under your vehicle with a visual inspection, we also do all our oil changes on two post hoists so the advantage of that is that the wheels all come up off the ground and they’re free and we can spin the wheels and we can wiggle the wheels just to see if there are any immediate safety concerns. That’s something that a lot of shops, if you’re having your oil change done in a pit type of lube shop or if you’re having it done on a four post hoist, you won’t get that advantage. So that’s one of the things that we do. So I’ll just go over the inspection with you. We look at a variety of items - windshield, windshield wipers, horn, all your exterior lights, any dash warning lights that might be on, of course, we inspect the engine oil level and condition if we’re doing an oil change. The oil is going to be new, we look for oil leaks at the top of the engine as well as underneath, we look for coolant leaks, transmission fluid level and conditions inspected, battery and terminals are visually inspected, we also fill up your washer fluid and look for any driveline area fluid leaks. Additionally we also set your oil service reminder. We inspect tire pressures and adjust their pressures to factory specifications, we measure tire treads, we inspect the drive shaft axle seals and joints, brake fluid is looked at, power steering fluid if it’s applicable, the belt condition is inspected and the tension of the belt is inspected. We also inspect your air filter in most cases unless they’re a very difficult to remove air filter which is an additional service, PCV valve and breather system is looked at, clutch fluid if applicable. We visually inspect your hoses and all your differential and drivetrain fluids are also looked at.

So you can see this is a very thorough service. We’d be happy to book you in for an appointment, our phone number is 604-327-7112. Thank you.

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