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Pre-purchase Inspection Performed On A 2012 Audi A7

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Today’s featured service is a pre-purchase inspection performed on a 2012 Audi A7, brought to us by a client from Granview-Woodlands, Vancouver.

Audi A7

2012 Audi A7

Prepurchase inspections are a frequent service at our shop and are very valuable to both the buyer and the seller of a vehicle. It is essential to know the status of the vehicle and nothing does this better than an unbiased inspection report.

For a seller it is vital to know the condition of the vehicle you are selling to be sure it is a safe and reliable vehicle, and if work needs to be done you can either disclose it or have it done. Knowing the condition of the vehicle also helps if the buyer gets an inspection and comes with a laundry list of problems used to negotiate a lower price. If you truly know it’s a good car you can command a higher price.

A prepurchase inspection is even more important for the buyer. Once you buy a used car you are generally stuck with it. Just driving a car can tell you a lot however it doesn’t tell all. Brakes can feel fine but you could be a month away from needing a thousand (or more) dollar brake job. An engine could be running fine but have serious fluid leaks that may not be apparent until the vehicle is inspected on a hoist. If the inspection finds any issues then you can make a powerful choice about the car or truck. Do you buy it or negotiate a better price? I’ve had more than a few people walk away from a deal and tell me the inspection was the best money they’d spent.

Audi A7

View of Audi A7 engine and its 3 Liter Supercharged engine.

Onto our featured vehicle: the 2012 Audi A7. We did this inspection for the selling dealer: a dealer who takes pride in selling fine quality, trouble free used cars. Having about 25,000 kilometers on the odometer and being only 3 years old there was little wrong with this car. But there was still a couple of things: while brakes were good tire treads were getting down. There was also a minor oil seep under the engine and the vehicle was due for a service. Fortunately for the owner the oil leak was covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and the maintenance service was still covered by the dealer’s maintenance plan.

The Audi A7 is an awesome car with amazing technology inside the car and under the hood. It is quick, smooth and luxurious. In an era of engines shrouded with plastic covers this engine is a beauty to look at. The car also features, among many amazing features massive disc brakes to slow this beast down quickly and safely.

Audi A7

Front wheel and tire on 2012 Audi A7. Note the large brake caliper and rotor.

Here are a few final points: 1) whether you are buying or selling, and you value an honest vehicle transaction, having a good prepurchase inspection is essential. 2) How the inspection is done and interpreted is critical. Every inspection is case specific and depends on the vehicle, the age, the price and the usage. What may be a problem on one car may not be much on another.

Audi A7

Center 2 pages of our 4 page 150 point inspection sheet.

For more about the Audi A7 click here

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