March 7

Quick Struts: Safer, More Enjoyable Driving

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A recent offering for suspension repairs is the “Quick Strut.” These are complete Macpherson strut assemblies that contain not only the shock absorber portion but also a new coil spring, mounting plate, bump stopper and all related hardware. While they cost more to purchase, they reduce replacement labour cost and give you the benefit of having everything new.

In the past when struts wore out 95% of the time just the shock absorber portion was replaced. Sometimes the upper bearing plate was worn and replaced and occasionally the springs. While springs slowly deteriorate over time they seldom get replaced unless a noticeable concern occurs like a break or lowered ride height.

Until the advent of the Quick Strut replacing all the parts of the Macpherson strut was complicated, involving ordering many parts and taking extra time. Often a judgment call was made that, based on price or part availability, that some parts wouldn’t be replaced. While the “partial” repair was satisfactory it was never 100% perfect without replacing all of the parts.

With Quick Struts you get it all. When all 4 are replaced it is like having a car with brand new suspension. That makes driving safer and more enjoyable.

Newly installed Quick Strut assembly on rear of Honda Civic
Newly installed Quick Strut assembly on rear of Honda Civic

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