January 27

Recent Results from AirCare Mystery Shopper – 100%

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Our facility was recently Mystery Shopped by AirCare and I’m pleased to report that we scored 15 out of 15.

While we always hope to score 100% satisfaction with every job and client it is great to get some solid feedback via a formal test on how we are doing.

AirCare’s mystery shopper program has been around for several years. Their purpose is to be sure that licensed AirCare shops are competent and following procedures and protocols.

During the test they rate: our customer service (we scored 5 out of 5); staff knowledge-ability (we scored 5 out of 5); and cost (again we scored 5 out of 5).

In addition to receiving a score we were presented with a report from AirCare about the comparison shops: there were 6 in total. It gave us further opportunity to see that we were doing things right and that we stack up well when compared to our competitors.

We always take great pride in diagnosing and servicing cars correctly. Receiving this result from AirCare confirms that we are succeeding.

Mystery shopper score sheet

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Bernie Pawlik

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