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A Winning Combination: Regular Maintenance and a Well Built Truck

We recently did a rear brake job on 2004 Chevy Tahoe and I realized two things: this is a great vehicle, and routine maintenance makes it even better.

This truck was getting its first rear brake job: new pads and rotors at an astonishing distance of 144,000 kilometers. What is amazing is that the front brake pads still have 5mm remaining and will likely last at least another year.

While this is a huge amount of life to get out of a set of brakes, some of the longevity is due to our client following our maintenance recommendations and especially having the brakes serviced. A brake service involves taking the brakes apart, removing rust corrosion from the pad and caliper sliders and lubricating these parts. Doing so prevents the pads from seizing up and wearing out prematurely.

So there you have it: the winning combination of routine maintenance and a high quality vehicle! By the way all of the Chevy/GMC trucks from the early 2000s and on are great.

Very rusty brake caliper bracket before brake service

Caliper bracket after cleaning

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