March 9

Routine Maintenance

Car Maintenance


Routine Maintenance
Preventing a disaster. While performing a recent maintenance service on a Ford Ranger equipped with a 4 litre engine we noted a most interesting oil pan gasket about to fail. The picture says it all: with the front of the gasket protruding out of it’s mounting. Another 1/8” of movement and a catastrophic oil leak would take place.

This is where having your car or truck regularly serviced has great advantage.

Why? Because these sorts of concerns can be seen and addressed before they become a major and much more expensive problem.

Most modern engine gaskets are very reliable. This Ford engine uses a silicone rubber gasket: very durable but prone to these sorts of failures. While oil pan gasket replacement is often challenging these silicone gaskets are a treat to change when compared to the cork gaskets that were frequently used in years past.

Ready to blow oil pan gasket

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