Drum brakes are still used on some light cars and trucks. Located on the rear wheels, drum brakes are composed of a brake shoe that pushes against the inside of a steel drum to stop the vehicle. It’s a simple, effective system that requires minimal maintenance and occasional repairs.

During routine maintenance, if the brakes are making noises, vibrating, or grinding, your Pawlik Automotive technician will inspect the system to determine the cause. It’ll probably be necessary to thoroughly clean and lubricate the moving parts. It’s also possible that the drums have reached the end of their service life, the cylinders have seized, or the drum is damaged, all of which will require replacements.

To avoid costly repairs, it’s a good idea to trust a certified Pawlik Automotive technician with the preventative maintenance of your vehicle’s brake system. The technician will check that your vehicle’s drum brakes are working properly and make sure your vehicle is safe to drive.