Your exhaust system has three functions: it acts as a muffler, it directs the exhaust gases from the engine to the tail pipe, and it treats the exhaust to remove harmful pollutants. The matter in exhaust may be of better quality these days, but if you don’t give your exhaust system a minimum of maintenance, you could still wind up facing expensive repairs.

The exhaust system is made up of an exhaust manifold that collects the exhaust gases from the various cylinders, a flexible part that absorbs the shocks in the engine, a gas analyzer, a catalytic converter that burns harmful gases, and a pipe with a muffler on it. Bands, clamps, and supports hold everything together under the vehicle.

It goes without saying that the system is constantly exposed to hot and cold temperatures and all sorts of weather conditions (rain, snow, and mud).

That’s why we recommend you have a certified Pawlik Automotive technician inspect the system for any defective parts. But there’s more: before you have your exhaust system serviced, you must first service the engine.

The gas analyzer and the catalytic converter are the two most expensive parts. The gas analyzer sends messages to the central computer, while the catalytic converter burns toxic nitrogen oxides. Without engine maintenance and tune-ups, these two exhaust system parts will stop working properly and need to be replaced. That’s when the Check Engine light will come on.

So if you see smoke, smell gas, feel vibrations, or the Check Engine light comes on, ask a certified Pawlik Automotive technician to take a look at your vehicle. A simple inspection of the exhaust system or a quick repair is the best way to avoid more serious problems down the road.