Pawlik Automotive is your #1 choice for AirCare Repairs.

AirCare Award certificate
Bernie Pawlik's AirCare Quality Repair Award, received July 4, 2011

A licenced AirCare Repair Center, we have year after year maintained a 100% pass rating on our AirCare repairs including in the most recent 12 months.

This is due to our thorough diagnostic process which finds the cause(s) of your failure. We then properly repair the concern always using the best quality parts available and retest our repairs to be sure they are successful.

The AirCare Repair Process:

The AirCare repair process first involves a thorough diagnosis of your engine, fuel & ignition systems along with your emission control devices to find the cause of the failure. Sometimes only one component is at fault while at other times many items may be responsible. We then prioritize which components are most important to successfully repairing your vehicle. After your authorization we will perform repairs and retest to be sure that it passes.

As an added bonus we take your vehicle through the test to be sure that it fully passes. More helpful information can be found by visiting AirCare’s website.

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