Wheel bearings allow your wheels and drive shafts to spin freely. They’re under enormous pressure and can withstand a lot of heat. Some bearings can be lubricated to make them last longer, but others must be replaced when they fail. If the bearings are integrated into a key component the whole thing must be replaced.

Be sure to have a certified Pawlik Automotive technician inspect your bearings regularly to see if any need maintenance. If the bearings can be reused, your technician will pack them with grease and reinstall them. If not, they will put new bearings on.

When the bearings are not working properly, you’ll hear an annoying whining sound coming from under the car. Be sure to bring your vehicle to a Pawlik Automotive NAPA AUTOPRO centre right away. If you wait too long, your wheels may lock up, or you may end up having to call a tow truck.