Why perform maintenance rather than wait for the car to breakdown first?

More often than not, it will cost you more money to fix a broken part than maintain a working part, not to mention the added stress that an unexpected breakdown adds to your busy life. The advantage to routine maintenance is that any small problems (and there will be problems with any car) are spotted before they become big problems. This saves you time, is more convenient and saves you money.

The difference between a breakdown shop and a maintenance shop

A breakdown shop is a shop that sees their customer when:
• The customer feels it is time for an oil change on their vehicle.
• Their vehicle breaks
• A breakdown shop’s goal is to get their customers vehicle in and out of their shop as quickly as possible.

A maintenance shop is a shop that:
• Tracks and schedules their clients’ vehicle maintenance
• Educates and consults with their clients about all maintenance and repairs to be performed
• Performs inspections on their client’s vehicle every time it is in
• Provides advance knowledge about up coming maintenance and repairs on their customers vehicle
• Provides advance estimates for up coming maintenance and repairs so their customer can budget
• Spends time with their customer to build a long-term relationship

A maintenance shops goal is to:
• To build trust in their relationship with their clients
• Save their clients’ money by helping to prevent costly and stressful breakdowns
• To make their clients’ motoring life as simple and easy as possible
• To take the responsibility for their clients’ vehicle maintenance

If these below points appeal to you, then Pawlik Automotive is your best choice for vehicle service

You like the peace of mind of driving a reliable, safe and economical to operate vehicle
You like to work with a shop that you trust fully to take care of all your vehicle’s needs
You put a priority on quality and service
You enjoy being looked after by friendly and caring people
You are proactive in maintaining your vehicle
You like to deal with a business that will educate you about proper vehicle maintenance
You want a shop that will make recommendations to keep your vehicle in top condition
You appreciate having your next appointment booked
You want to deal with a shop that you feel good about and look forward to referring your friends and family

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