November 10

Small Bearings Can Create Huge Problems

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Regular Maintenance of your Automobile is almost 50% Less Expense Than Waiting For A Breakdown

Yes even my car is not immune to parts wearing out.

For about a week or so I noticed a subtle but unusual noise coming from my 2001 Subaru Outback H6’s engine. Unlike some I could name… I decided to check into what the noise was about.

I suspected that it might be a drivebelt pulley; and through diagnosis I found that the serpentine belt tensioner pulley bearing was severely worn.

After removal, the seriousness of the situation became evident: the bearing was so badly worn that it was hours or with luck perhaps days from seizing up and causing the belt to fail. The good news is that it was a very inexpensive repair!

The lesson here is that every unusual sound in your vehicle should be investigated. It is always cheaper to repair early than wait for the part to fail completely.

Bearing that could have seized at any moment
The worn out pulley bearing. The black particles are from inside the bearing!

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