October 23

Suburu Outback – Excellent Cars

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This here’s the Outback, mate!

What an interesting day: A shop full of Subaru Outbacks!

set of suburu's
Set of Suburu's

While we work on all makes and models, quite often we will service some of the same make or type of vehicle on the same day.

This is a first: having 3 of the same car in the shop at the same time. We service quite a few Subarus and while the models in the shop today are the same, these cars were in for different jobs.

In the far bay is a 2001 H6 VDC Outback in for upper radiator hose replacement. The center bay has another 2001, this one a 4-cylinder model and in for a number of services including a standard transaxle overhaul. In the foreground sits another H6, this one a 2005 model and in for a basic maintenance service.

Overall these are excellent cars and certainly have a loyal owner following.

Two of these vehicles belong to long term clients and these are their second Subarus. I’ve had 3 different generations of these cars myself, and like so many other cars they just keep getting better.

An interesting bit of trivia: the 2001 H6 3 litre engine has 212 horsepower while in 2005 the same 3 litre displacement puts out 245 horsepower. That is an amazing increase and mostly due to the fuel system and engine tuning.

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