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Hi, my name is Alison and I am a client of Bernie Pawlik, Pawlik Automotive for about 13 years. I always wondered if the recommendations I got from mechanics were honest and or whether or not I was being taken advantage of because I couldn't necessarily understand or refute some of the recommendations.

And what stood out about Bernie immediately was just the questions he asked me about my car and what was important to me and how he would lay out his recommendations. He would tell me very transparently what was something that he would recommend immediately that was important or even urgent. And then he would also lay out things that maybe to budget for in the future to keep in mind, but that weren't super important right now.

And so it gave me a sense of control and choice. Whereas maybe in the past, other mechanics would give me this sense of fear that I better take care of it now, or I was somehow in danger. Bernie doesn't do that. He just explains what your car needs and why. Even though now I live further away from his shop, I still drive to get my car taken care of there, especially when I have one of those mystery sounds that I, you know, I don't know how to describe and I know he's going to give me the honest answer and I know he's going to do what he can to take care of me and just make sure my car is safe. I'm a mom. Safety is the number one thing. And so I just want to know that my car is taken care of for longevity, and he makes sure all of those things happen. I know that Bernie will take the time to build a relationship with his clients, to understand what is important to them, and he will take care of their car and them.

It's very clear the Pawlik Automotive experience is totally different.

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Pawlik Automotive
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 by Peter Sinke

My experience with Bernie at Pawlik Motors was excellent a quick and accurate diagnosis of the problem and prompt repair. I will recommend them to my associates and will definitely bring my vehicle to them in the future. Cost of repair came in lower than originally quoted.

 by Hugh Davies
2008 Forester Head Gaskets

Our 2009 Forester had a head gasket go just weeks before a major summer road trip we had planned. Pawliks gave a realistic quote, did the work in a timely manner (coinciding with me being out of town so I hardly missed the car at all), had it back in for a check-up after a few hundred mile - all of which gave us confidence to continue with our road trip holiday! We're just back - 3500 Km later and completely satisfied with the work Pawlik's did. We'll be taking all our service work there in the future!

 by Keith
Unprecedented honesty and tallent

Pawlik saved us over 5000. CA This team displays unprecedented talent and honesty. It is easy to see how they have been awarded best in Vancouver 16 times!

Keith Grinsell,
#82 Bonnymuir Drive, West Vancouver, BC, Canada

2010 Volvo XC60 T6

 by Joseph
Excellent, trustworthy and efficient - what more could you ask for?

We've only been customers for the past couple years, but the service has always been excellent and courteous and our mini-van has performed very well with the routine maintenance and servicing.

Bernie is thorough and clear with what has been done and what should be done.

High recommendations for this place!

 by abby
trusted mechanic

We had a great experience with Pawlik and they are trusted repairman. Great service and they will never charge you for the repair that you don't need. I will definitely recommend Pawlik to anyone who is looking for auto repair shop.

 by Reinhard Stipp
Thank You!!!

I am very glad to have found Bernie and his crew. I had big problems with my (very badly) rebuilt 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee - swirl motor, amongst other things. I was turned down by my most recent repair shop, also by Marine Chrysler! They were honest enough to let me know, that they didn't have a good enough Diesel mechanic!!!

So, once again, I am very glad to have found Pawlik Automotive. It was well worth a couple of bus trips from East Vancouver!

 by Andrea Neild
The Best

Bernie Pawlik & team have taken care of my car, and my father's car for approx. 15 yrs. They are skilled, professional and honest. I highly recommend Pawlik Automotive.

 by sheilagh
years and years and years of excellent service

Bernie has looked after our family cars since the early '90's: a 1982 Tercel, a 1992 Dodge Caravan, and a 2002 Infiniti as well as other cars belonging to my children. I can't say enough good things about Bernie, his team, and the excellent service they provide.

They're prompt, on budget, with all necessary repairs taken care of as required. After the diagnostic, they'll let you know if something looks as though it could be "iffy" but will also let you know either that the car doesn't need that particular problem taken care of now or that it should be done. Talk about honest! In the past, other mechanics have seen me coming and my car's problems seemed like a Doomsday prediction. Not Bernie. What you need is what you get.

I just wouldn't consider taking my car anywhere else and have recommended Pawlik Automotive to all of my friends. All. Thank you, Bernie.

 by Richard Wood
A Daunting Undertaking

Our 2006 Ford 6.0L diesel one ton pick-up had a problem with coolant disappearing and premature plugging of the E.G.R. valve ever since we purchased it from a Ford dealer three years ago.

After several tow jobs and many vague and indifferent responses regarding warranty work from Ford dealership shops ... I decided to get the problem fixed once and for all.

Fortunately I happened on Bernie's most excellent web site on the internet. The necessary repairs were done on time and on budget. Even though it was basically just a head gasket replacement ... the scope of the repair on newer model vehicles like ours is massive.

And as if the excellent repairs were not enough ... Bernie was also able to get a significant portion of the cost of repair covered by our extended warrantee company.

We live on a very remote Lighthouse for eleven months of the year and the truck is parked during that time. When we do come out for a holiday ... we want to be able to just hook up to our 5th wheel R.V. trailer and have a normal holiday somewhere.

The trailer dollied down somewhere we'd rather not be ... while the truck sits in some Ford garage waiting for the 'same ol' ... same ol' excuses certainly is not our idea of a normal holiday.

Define 'normal' I suppose.

Now the truck runs better than new. You've repaired all that you said you would ... and then some. The peace of mind we now have with the motor and the complete vehicle is priceless.

Bernie ... you and your team are number one ... and deservedly so by any account.

Richard & Reta Wood

Pine Island LIghtstation

 by Mak Abdelhai
I highly recommend Pawlik Automotoive Repair

Last year (Nov 2011), I dropped by Pawlik Automotive and told them that I intend to drive my 1993 Mazda Miata all over North America (8 hours a day or more for a month) and that I want to be sure it would work well.... they took care of the car, did a diagnosis, called me to make recommendations and got all the work done in a timely and a professional manner

As I started my month long trip, I was impressed on how the car was working very well. It was great to feel secure knowing that Pawlik's team took care of the car and I have nothing to worry about.

Not only that, over the past year, couple other mechanics (in the USA and Montreal) looked at the car for minor work and they both stated that "the car is well taken care off" and that "the mechanic fixing your car (Pawlik Automotive) did a great job".

Finally, I drove the car back to BC in Nov 2012 and, again, I went to Pawlik Automative to do another full checkup on the car.

in summary, I trust them. I know they do good work. and I would highly recommend them.

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