March 27

The Advantages of Our Full Auto Service

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“A quick lube shop is fast and convenient, and all I need is an oil change anyways.”

While this statement may seem applicable to you, here are two big considerations before pulling into a quick lube. The quick lube tech is not an auto service technician and has no training as one. Quick lube shops only look at a few select areas of your vehicle. Because of this, much of your vehicle remains uninspected.

With this minimal level of service, can you be sure that your vehicle is safe and well maintained to prevent a sudden, costly breakdown?

Conversely, a quality full service shop has skilled, licensed auto service technicians who are trained in all areas of car repair and maintenance. Having a trained technician and a shop that is focused on maintenance will, over the long run take far better care of your vehicle and prevent costly and stressful breakdowns.

At Pawlik Automotive we look at your whole vehicle, keep thorough records of all work done, and at every 2nd or 3rd service, as required, do a comprehensive inspection to be certain that you know the full condition of your car. This way you get the complete picture and nothing is left to guess work. Sure it will take longer than just a quick drive through but as the saying goes “you get what you pay for” and what you are paying for is the peace of mind of a safe, reliable and properly cared for vehicle.

The oil change is only part of proper vehicle mainentance
The oil change is only part of proper vehicle mainentance

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