April 17

The Business That We Are Really In

Car Maintenance


As an Auto Maintenance and Repair Shop, the business that we are in is:
Saving You Money.

The Business That We Are Really In

How so?

That may not seem to make sense, when every visit to your auto service shop takes money out of your pocket. Here’s how we save you money: by keeping your car in great condition.

By doing this, you avoid the expense of a new car. A new car costs money, usually thousands of dollars a year in payments, or if you pay cash, money that depletes your bank account.

The average Canadian car owner spends around $1500 per year to maintain their vehicle. This is an average and the amount will be higher as a car ages. Even if you spent $2000 per year that is half of what you’d pay for a new car.

While it may not be as attractive to spend money on repairs verses buying a new car, consider that the maintenance/repair option leaves money in your pocket; money that could take you on a nice holiday; money to invest to make more money, and so on.

Just remember that car ownership costs money no matter which way you go, and properly maintaining a used vehicle is usually much more economical. As an Auto Maintenance and Repair Shop we are here to help you save your money.

What will you do with the money that you save?

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